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There have been tons of improvements since the last post. For example, multiplayer is now in development and looking good. There have also been changes in the game HUD and abilities have been added.

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Multiplayer implementation is the main development area at the moment. Multiplayer is
working for the moment using a TCP connection to a server. The server consists
of a command prompt like program that can perform said tasks with special
commands. Some of these commands are for banning and kicking online users in
order to maintain control over players. The server does also store all
multiplayer variables, for example player coordinates and directions.
Therefore, it is easy to change these when certain conditions are met.

The regular client has also had major changes in order to utilize the multiplayer connection
to the server. As more players are connected, you get their positions from the
server and the enemy players are drawn in red on your screen.

HUD and Abilities

The HUD has also had some modifications and now consists of two great arches, which display
some information, such as distance travelled. Four icons have also been added
to the bottom of the HUD. These icons are abilities which can be used by the player,
for instance the first ability makes the player jump over a “lightwall”. In the
future, there will be more abilities and they will play a huge role in multiplayer
games, allowing you to save yourself as well as granting you the ability to
attack your opponents.

Another coming feature is the ability to chat in multiplayer and control how the game
runs in singleplayer with a chat box.

There have also been great improvements regarding game speed, loading times and general

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