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At 19:00 today, Mr Boom's Firework Factory will be released on Steam, Itch.io, GameJolt, Green Man Store and Discord!

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It is with great happiness that I am announcing Mr Boom's Firework Factory is finally ready for general consumption and as of 19:00 BST on the 10th of July 2019 will officially leave beta and become available for purchase!

What's Mr Boom's Firework Factory?

Mr Boom's Firework Factory is an extremely unforgiving, fast-paced 3D puzzle game for PC, set in a firework factory with a rampant capitalist as your boss. You'll have to save crates of fireworks from destruction whilst dealing with the eccentricity of your manager, Mr Boom, who isn't quite what he seems to be.

So what does this really mean?

I've been working extremely hard on getting everything rounded off these past six months, most notably the past three weeks where I've been working non-stop on getting everything just right for you. Where the game was previously on a closed beta, it's now open to play. I challenge you to attempt to get as far into this difficult and fast game as you possibly can!

What's changed?

Amongst other smaller things, the most important changes in this release are:

  • All 30 levels are now in the game!
  • The end screen is in the game - reach it if you can!
  • All issues reported in pre-release reviews have been addressed
  • The game's achievements are now live and will be obtainable the minute the game is released. There are a few of these and 30 of them are hidden. Have fun achieving them all!

Where can I get it?

You can get Mr Boom's Firework Factory on Steam, Itch.io, GameJolt, Green Man Gaming and Discord. Please follow the link below to purchase on Steam:

What if I need support with the game?

If you require support with the game upon release, or if you just want a place to hang out and discuss the game, strategies, plot etc, then feel free to join me, the developer of the game, on the official discord server for the game! You can also follow @brainboxdotcc on twitter for up-to-the-minute updates.

Finally, a huge thank-you!

I'd like to thank all the testers, die-hard fans, and everyone else that helped make this project a reality and supported me throughout these past years, it's been a long road, and we're finally here!


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