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Hello again! RWR got updated to 0.87 and since there are many new and impressive features i thought: Why don't you update your mod?

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New Stuff in the next version to be released:

1. A third faction - The Red Army (So we got Germany, US and CCCP)
2. An additional weaponset (Italy with 5 new Guns to play with!)
3. Additional grenade types! (F1, Stickgrenade and an italian-soda-can!)
4. New Textures for landscape and stuff (Still heavy WIP!)
5- New Skins for Germany (Thanks to harrified!
Modulaatio.com )
6. I'll continue work on new calls like a V1 (Which will basically kill everything in 200 meter-radius!)


I worked on some scifi-esque weapons like a teslarifle and teslagrenades (will work like flashbangs)
Also i'd like to have some lasers for germany and i don't know what the US might get!

These guns will be usable only with a high rank and won't appear in masses.

But, do you like them? Or atleast the idea? Got any ideas for other scifi-esque stuff? Nazi-Zombies?

Please leave a comment!

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