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An article explaining how we as a team have been inspired by several different movies, books and video games for the story of Case 32.

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A source of inspiration for the larger part of the story and the entire mood of the game is Greece at the time of World War 2 and the Civil War that followed from 1946 until 1949. The main protagonist is based on real facts and more specifically on stories and testimonies of people who are related with the events that took place on the island Lazareto of Kerkyra during the Civil War up to 1952.

Lazareto Wall with Bullets

Λαζαρέτο – Lazareto Island in Corfu

Additionally, other sources of inspiration for the script and eventually for the whole game include the novel by Dennis Lehane, “The Shutter Island” which is based on the asylum of Leros. Another novel which continues to influence the ongoing writing process of the game is “Mission Box” by Aris Alexandrou which is set during the Civil War as well as collections of short stories and essays by Jorge Luis Borges such as “Labyrinths”.

Still from Shutter Island

Image Source: Still from Shutter Island

The main influential source concerning the environment of the game is the work of photographer Alex Majoli (Magnum Photos) as well as the Greek photographer Yiorgos Depollas. Included in both their work was the asylum which was functional up until recently on the island of Leros. The asylum’s existence remained unknown to the general public until the 90’s.

Alex Majoli of Magnum Photos - Leros

Image Source: Alex Majoli

As with any game, Case 32 has been influenced by other games as well as movies. The film, “Session 9” has inspired the team because of its unique atmosphere which is achieved by successfully manipulating lighting, sounds and the environment. The documentary, “Island of the Outcasts” as well as the movie, “The Rejected” also examine the psychiatric clinic of Leros through facts provided by former employees. The building of Leros’ mental hospital has also been a source of inspiration and discussion for the developers of Case 32.

Image Still from Session 9

Image Source: Still from Session 9

Half-Life 2” is a video game that has greatly influenced the creative process of Case 32 with its simplicity in level design and the narration of its story. Just like “Half-Life 2” we too strive to create a gaming experience which will keep the player hooked until the very end. We are trying to make a game in which the player is completely immersed in the world of Case 32, with a story that naturally unfolds without the use of cut-scenes.

Image Still from Half-Life 2

Image Source: Still from Half-Life 2

Furthermore, a main source of inspiration are games that also take place in a mental institution. These include, the mod “White Night” for “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”, as it does an excellent job of producing fear through its story and atmosphere as opposed to other games that use common and tired horror techniques. Finally, we could not exclude the greatly anticipated “P.T” (playable teaser) for the newest installment in the Silent Hill series, “Silent Hills” (now cancelled). Even though it was just a demo, P.T should be an example to all Horror games when it comes to the integration of the puzzle element in gameplay. The puzzles become gradually more difficult as the player progresses through the game. This means that the player is treated as someone who is an active part of the game and not just an observer.


Image Source: Still from P.T.

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