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Post news RSS Movement system and gameplay trailer - Update #6

In this update we want to share a few things. One of the core mechanics that we been working on a lot the past year is the movement controls, which is of course connected with our shooting system, we will share our thoughts about it. We also worked on a gameplay teaser trailer which we show.

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Why is it so hard to move the player in a natural way?

Since we began working on this project we been working and iterating on how the player moves. We knew from the beginning that the game would be best played with a controller, because the gameplay is designed in a twin stick shooter fashion. Of course we also wanted the player to be able to play with mouse and keyboard. Some players will also prefer that even if they have a controller (Don’t ask me why).

The pros about using a controller is that the thumbsticks uses axes to determine the direction of how the player is interacting, which means we can move the player in all angles and this gives them more control. It can also output how much you are moving, meaning you can do subtle movements with a controller, for example you can push the thumbstick a little bit and the character would also move a bit. If you use a keyboard you are limited to the 4 arrow keys, which gives you only 8 directions, we allow a player to hold up and left to move in a 45 degree angle for example. Still this is a limitation. A key on the keyboard also only outputs 0 or 1 and nothing it between so the character is either moving or not.

We also use the second thumbstick to aim, which works perfect. The only problem with this is that it’s hard to quickly turn 180 degrees when you are aiming. But even in our action areas we have a tactical element which makes the action a bit slower pace than other shooters, and because of that we think it works perfectly. Using a mouse for aiming is good, it’s fast but it's also a bit confusing because you can use the whole screen to move around on and in most cases it’s not locked to the character which makes the aiming a bit weird.

Once we knew this we started working on making the animations show which way you are walking and aiming. So we needed to mask his upper and lower body and determine how Jazon should aim and walk. This was very difficult for us, maybe because we didn’t have the knowledge and maybe also because we were still figuring out how fast he should move and how the aiming should work. It took months to nail down, but we are very close at having something that feels great.

This is something that’s really hard to show in a video, but when you play the game you can really feel it.

Enough talk it’s trailer time !

We haven't shown any video footage of the gameplay except a few gif’s online, so this is a premiere of the gameplay. And it’s all gameplay. So enjoy. It’s still pre-alpha so keep this in mind.

We updated our website where you can subscribe to our newsletter. We are closing in on launching our kickstarter, so if you want to know exactly when we launch you should sign up.

Because this is the first time we show gameplay footage, we are very keen to hear your feedback, so write a few words and let us know your opinion.

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