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A new mouse flight mode has been added. No more need for joystick/gamepad for Keyboard and Mouse veterans.

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I've added a mouse flight mode, which you can use to fly your ship (in addition to mouse and joystick). It works in the same way as Freelancer (or in the old Wing Commander games). You use your mouse to move a pointer on the screen, the pointer acts like a virtual joystick and moves your ships in the direction the cursor points to. The further away from the center of the cross hairs the faster the ship will turn (much like using a joystick).

The question is, what sort of options do I need to add to this functionality or is it complete? Currently, if I move the mouse up the cursor will move up. Would I need to add an inverted option? I'm not sure. I'll definitely need a sensitivity option. But what else if anything? If you have a suggestion please feel free to post below, or use the forums Ideas/Wishlist Section.


Looks good! And yeah, as nice as an inverted setting is for joystick/button control, I really don't think it's necessary here. As far as other features, I really can't think of anything else this would need other than the already mentioned sensitivity setting.

Also, on an unrelated topic, as much as I love Unity (started back in 2011), the shadows are so buggy. To be fair, some of it's inherent in using PCF shadows, but still, they tend to break often and for seemingly no reason haha

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centaurianmudpig Author

Thanks for the feedback.

It's a good job this is a space game without much need for shadows. I'm pleased Unity have decided to put more of an effort towards bug fixing, instead of just throwing out new broken features.

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