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Information regarding Mourning of Sorrows' planned development.

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Mourning of Sorrows is the working title for an adventure game being developed primarily for the Oculus Quest and I will be using this platform as an development progress archive.

Intended Gameplay: Mourning of Sorrows gameplay will be semi physics based melee combat, firearms combat, and puzzles in a roguelike genre (its not really but i have no idea what else to call it. gauntlet maybe.) There will be no procedural generation, all levels intended to be handcrafted.

The player will advance through levels escalating in difficulty until met with an extreme difficulty wall after base mechanics have been properly understood. Final Level and Ending is intended but current development of such is to be essentially a bragging right.

The players health will take physical damage and permanent damage. If the players health reaches 0 through physical damage, the player will be carted back to the hub. If the players health reaches 0 through permanent damage, the players file will be deleted and a New Game will start. Extremely rare 1-up type items being considered.

The player will not be expected to maintain linear forward progression for too long. The player will be expected to trail back to a hub area with currency, items, and rescued NPC's to upgrade the hub area for the next venture.

Intended Graphics: The Oculus Quest runs on Android software and as a stylistic and performance based choice Mourning of Sorrows will replicate playstation1-esque modeling and texturing.

Intended Story: A melting pot of grim fantasy themes and creatures with stories told through the NPCs you choose to aid to try to understand why the world came to be full of monsters well before you were born. Vampires in a faraway castle, giant wolves in the forest, Witches stealing children in a cabin in the woods.

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