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This is an update on the new things of the final release of MotorQuest.

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MotorQuest version 1.0 has been released!!!

Things we added this week:

- More visible enemy health bars

- Level terrain and lighting changes

- Drive backwards

- Toggle to aim

- Camera follows up ramps

- add grenade scattershot to boss

- make purchases easier by removing need for pressing accept button

- improve subtitles

- change turret appearance

- add grenade pickups to level

- add ending radio communication

- minor bug fixes and tweaks

Reasons for making these changes: to finish up the game to be ready for its official release

Next changes: this is the last release while we are still in the video game class. Some of our members will most likely move on from the team, and the rest may or may not develop the game further, that hasn't been decided yet.

Download the game by going to this link and downloading the gold version

This is a student game project made by:

Glen H.

Darian F.

Scott Hirsch

Patrick Sherry

Maddy Ericksen

Jack Merucci (music)

Austin Yarger (voice cameo in trailer)

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