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We just made our first actual exampel of how a level might look using our own props and designs! Motivation became a big thing to lean back on. So I thought I'd write a bit about how we, as a team, feel about this when getting further in the process.

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Inspiration is flowing from left to right as we dig deeper into the process of making a game!

When you have a dedicated team and a great concept for what game you want to make, things tend to be great in the early stages. Everyone gets their own idea and opinion of how the game is going to work and what it's going to look like. This is great because in this stage brainstorming is a huge thing and a lot of opinions isn't as negative as one might think they would be. After this phase though, there is a chance that a lot of the project can go wrong later because people tend to stick closely by their own thoughts since this very first stage. But when we got to this phase, everyone seemed to be on the same track. Our graphic designers all found a style they easily adapted to and got working in no time, as well as our sound designers found a musical style after a short amount of time. Everyone seems to be working towards the same goal. This is a dream come true for many developers seeing as many games have fallen for less and you often don't get the chance to get a good flow in the beginning of it all. Everyone is motivated and enthusiastic about doing this and as the project leader, I couldn't be happier. But there is always a downhill afterwards. An important thing, that's often taken for granted, is to keep that motivation up! Everyone needs encouragement as the human beings we are, and this is so easily skipped when motivation is high. There are a lot of small things you can do to keep it up though. A whole bunch of moments that might seem insignificant to the process. It can vary from obligatory coffee brakes with the whole team to throwing togheter some inspirational levels and showing everyone how far you've come as a team. Because there is so much focus on your own work, you might not see how far the actual game has come, and that is not a good place to be. So my advice is to go around to other team members and to be positive towards their work and time they put in to this. The further along, the more work will come. That is when everyone needs some motivation.

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