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Morterra Update! Mobile, PvP Rating, Titles, and more!

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We just pushed the update with the following changes:

Morterra Mobile

- Sleeping Bag respawn timer: 30 seconds
- Added PvP Rating (same as Chess Elo ratings)
- New highscores categories: PvP rating, time as king, boulders mined, fish caught, animals killed, trees cut, explosives used, objects placed
- Titles: #1 player in each highscore category get a title before their name in chat: King, Survivor, Killer, Rating, Emperor, Miner, Lumberjack, Fisher, Hunter, Raider, Builder - King (longest time wearing crown) now always shows zone on global map (crown icon)
- Mobile integration - please report any bugs!
- Automatic fullscreen (can be disabled in settings)
- Improved settings page w/ tabs and extra options
- Toggle fog setting added
- Terrain shading added
- Improved first person view (can now see held weapon + shield)
- Diamond perk no long applies when tool raiding (tools will break)
- Tool raiding now sped up significantly
- Fixed a bug where you could attack/loot through walls/doors
- Backpacks no longer break during PvP
- Fixed craft menu and examine menu sizing
- Armor received a significant buff

Check it out now: Morterra - 3D Mobile Browser Survival Game

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