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Morterra now has foundries! Check out some of our latest updates!

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Morterra now has foundries! Check out some of our latest updates:

- 5 new metal types (tin, tungsten, tungsten alloy, titanium, and titanium alloy)

- Mining drop table revamp (will include realistic drop rates based on real life rarity)

- Foundry: Will allow players to deposit an unlimited amount of resources which will serve as a central stockpile of resources. Will also be used as the way for players to "alloy" metals: bronze, steel, titanium alloy, tungsten alloy all require the Foundry to be smelted. Basic metals will still smelt on fires.

- Workbench: Players will now craft a workbench as their beginner crafting object & used to craft tools, anvils, and wooden construction items

- Anvils: Anvils will now have an item, and will be used to craft more advanced metal items: armors, metal construction items, stronger weapons (maul/mace/axe)

- Metal construction objects (spikes, doors, chests)

- Construction object durability buff: Objects will now have 10x durability as their item counterpart (if you place a logspike item with 15 durability, the object will have 150 durability)

- Shared zones/flags: Zones can now have multiple owners, so players can now team up and build together in the same zone. - Lock revamp: With new ore rarities, gold will now be extremely rare. We have made gold locks not require keys (instead you can use them if you have claim on the zone). And iron locks will now be the material for standard keys/locks. Iron is very abundant so new players will have no problem finding the materials for keys/locks. If you die with your key, they will have access to your base though.

- Health rejuvenation: Players now rejuvenate their health more quickly over time if their other stats are high.

- Flags will be lockable

- Combat revamp: Weapons & armor have a much more advanced formula for damage, to balance the metals. Stronger metals hit harder and protect more, but generally weigh more and make the player slower.

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