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During the process of building a website, the demo continues to march on.

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Development continues on Child Arms, but this time production of the actual game has been rather slow as we are working on the game's website. The site will feature not only this devlog but more information about the game that we can't fit on the IndieDB profile. However, I am aiming to get this out quickly as there is still much to do with the current demo build, so let's get on with that.

As you can tell, there is a new background. At the moment most of the effort is being put on the sprites so we have to take liberties with other assets of the game for this demo. This game needs a whooping 4000 pixel wide background and at this point in time that is unfeasible to commission, especially as the sprites have eaten up all most of our budget, so I shopped around for a pre-made background and this is the only one I managed to find that fits with those parameters. However, to add a little variety, I decided to edit it so that we can have three settings: dawn, noon, and twilight. I'll let the player have the option of which one they want in the upcoming demo.

bkg dawn

bkg noon

bkg twilight

Aside from that, the big addition to the game is the sound effects. Of course the game was going to get sounds but they have a secondary purpose: they are also sound cues. As an additional aid during your fight against the opponent, every important action has some kind of sound to let you know what the opponent is doing. Though you can still see the opponent do these actions, sometimes you may be occupied with a certain action that you may miss seeing another action being performed. You may not see it but you can hear it and act accordingly. I hope that this will add to your strategic methods.

Lastly, the sprites of our main character, Enro, are complete. They now have color and a bit of shading. While the outlines were done by our artist, I had to do the coloring all by myself due to sprites being expensive and us not having a lot of funds for this project. That is why I have to put my part in this too on-top of making the game, setting up the website, setting up the proceedings to go to the event, etc.

This game is pushing Toolkitz to our limits but it is our dream game and we'll do anything we can to make it happen. If you like what you see, please share this game with your friends on social media and send them to our Facebook and Twitter. You too can be a part of our team by simply sharing this game with your friends. Let's make this the best game we can possibly make.

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