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Post news RSS More ways to grab closed beta keys ahead of the Droughts patch

Our IndieDB key giveaway was so popular we've had to think of another way to distribute beta keys in time for the new patch! So, we'll have a wave of keys around the release of the new patch, plus we've just started a giveaway on our Twitter, AND we'll have a week of daily mini-challenges with keys to win, starting on Christmas Eve. Woah!

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If you've missed the information about the new patch, check out the article from December 1st. In short, Timberborn is becoming more and more post-apocalyptic. 💀

  • You’ll notice there is a timer warning you about an upcoming drought that causes rivers to disappear for a while. You need to prepare for that by stockpiling food and water. It's a recurring event, and further droughts may be longer or more frequent.
  • Droughts are a danger because starting with the new update, forests and crops will need to be on the watered ground to survive (duh). You will have to dig canals!
  • While it's still an early iteration of the system, you will also be able to build a Scavenger’s Hut and extract metal from ruins (that are often scarce and remote). You need metal to build an engine, a carousel, the most advanced monument etc.

scavengers hut smaller

  • Allowing all beavers to play with dynamite isn’t safe, so we're also adding an Explosives Factory, a new building that handles the hazardous production.

  • And more, including new desert/water/grass visuals.

So, how to join the closed beta to enjoy all the new stuff? Or, if you already have a key – how to get one for your friend? There are a few ways:

  • The Tweeting Way, part 1 – follow us on Twitter and retweet this tweet before the weekend ends, hoping for the best
  • The Patient Way – simply sign up using this sign-up form and wait for the patch to drop next week or right before Holidays, as we'll have a large wave of invitations
  • The Twitching Way – right before the patch is released, we'll also hold a developer stream on our Twitch and we're certain a few keys will be dropped
  • The Tweeting Way, part 2 – be on the lookout for the mini-challenges, commencing on our Twitter account on December 24th – one challenge a day until this interesting year ends

We will probably also have something on our Discord. You can, for example, join our weekly discussion (a Beaver Brainstorm), because the most active participants receive the keys. And who knows, maybe this time we'll hold a little contest for those who already have the beta? Something with building the best map and competing for ultimate bragging rights? Hm? HMMM? 😏

So many options! However you choose to interact with us – thank you and we hope you'll get a closed beta key sooner rather than later. And when you do, be sure to share your feedback! 😁

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