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The following article describes and argues the fact of whether or not "Just a Game" could potentially have more of a story and reflect upon some real world things.

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The story and evolution of characters is hard to predict. Currently I am working with four characters (Currently nameless) that are represented by four different colors, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple. The use of all four characters is probably going to be a mix between how characters are used in "Grand Theft Auto 5," and "The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes." This means all characters will be present in the same place at all times, but the player can only control one at a time. This could take some time to program, so don't expect it in alpha builds please. Story wise, the point of this game is to be a simulator, it isn't expected to have a story, it is expected to look good, run good, and be good. So could a story possibly be put in? Possibly. Is it likely? No.


The controls will be pretty straight forward. Character usage could be tricky at first, but you'll get used to it. Weapons and pickups are going to be initiated by pressing a button, it will drop the currently held weapon and/or power up. Each character can hold there own individual weapon, but boosters and power ups will be shared as one. That means, if you have a heal pack, it heals all the characters. If you have a jet pack, all the characters get a jet pack.

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Thank you all for reading, and happy gaming.

~Kid in a Toque

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