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Since the summary was too large for the page, I've posted the rest here

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Summary Continued ...
Game Modes

• Survival Mode: Get as far as you can into the dungeon until you die.
• Adventure Mode: There is a spectacular Random Ending, but where is it located?

• Doors / Keys: These are placed randomly throughout the dungeon and are never in the same spot.
• You can find keys in chests, dropped from enemies, behind a set of obstacles, etc.
• Some keys have to be crafted by collecting resources throughout the dungeon such as iron, stone, copper, bronze, etc. You will need to find the recipe before crafting the key.

• There are a variety of obstacles that will need to be completed in order to continue through the dungeon.
• Dungeon Pits – Pits may contain bosses, enemies, spikes, etc. How do you get out?
• Pattern Riddles – You must place certain blocks in a specific random formation. Find a Pattern Key first.

Block Types
• Over 300 blocks in the game.

• Allows you to create armor, weapons, items, keys, quest items, etc.
• Not all items are craftable.

• In order to craft anything, you first need to find a recipe item. Recipes show you what materials are required for a specific item you are crafting.
• Recipes are randomly generated.

Skills/ Skill tree
• Skills are saved with your character even if your character dies.
• You can buy skills at the “Skill Shop” which is accessible during gameplay by pressing C on the keyboard or clicking the menu button and selecting Character then clicking on “Skill Shop”.
• Skills cost gold.

Magic / Spells
• All characters start with zero magic abilities.
• You must purchase or find a Skill in order to learn magic abilities.

• Items can be obtained by defeating enemies, looting treasure chests, destroying blocks or crafting them using a recipe.

• Warrior (Specializes in beating the S*#% out of things)
• Mage (not yet implemented)
• Priest (not yet implemented)
• Rogue (not yet implemented)
• Ranger (not yet implemented)

• Obtained by defeating enemies, looting treasure chests or destroying blocks.

• If your health bar reaches zero, your current game is over.
• There are no extra lives.
• Any items you have equipped, will be forever lost.
• You cannot “revisit” a dungeon after your character dies.
• Your health regenerates slowly over time.
• Use items or skills to restore your health.
• Enemies can damage your health.

• Using spells requires Mana power.
• Mana is depleted on each use of a spell.
• Regenerates over time

Planned Future Features
• You are the Creator of KonCraft Lore. Users will be able to build new quests and upload them to the KonCraft servers. You will then be able to download stacks of quests at the start of each game so your game will always be truly unique. The more quests users create, the bigger this game can become.

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