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This week save files, possibility of changing map (just one exe), and multiplayer!

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Those days we updated ternion, and we added a lot of things!

Connected Maps!

We can finally start just an executable, and use it for every map, actually it's just for debug but probably, in the next update, we will be able to take the spaceship and go to the space map that will connect every visitable planet of the game.

Save Files!

Finally you can save progress, and restart the game in the same place where you leaved, with the same stats, there are two ways actually to save the game:

  • Through pause menu
  • With F9


Probably the biggest news in this article, we worked a lot in the multiplayer and we made a basic version of it, our biggest problem are the animations, but we are working on it, don't worry!

Here a screenshot of four players in the same server:


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