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Assault Knights News

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Greetings and salutations, readers; it's time for another progress report.

First, general news: the game's Neo Axis engine has been updated to Version .83. With this comes a number of gameplay improvements as well as smoother performance on most systems.

A bunch of new options have been added to the mechs, and the TechLab is nearly complete. We're planning to add at least 5 new single-player maps to the next demo iteration, to complement multiplayer maps that are already included.

The TechLab, when complete, will allow you to design custom variants of all combat craft, and can change the weapon loadouts of any vehicle or soldier on the fly, similar to the MechWarrior series. Related media can be expected soon detailing its operation.

The To-Do list has been in the works, detailing all planned features for the game, and is viewable below. As soon as everything on the To-Do list is implemented, the demo will take about a month to smooth out. The new version of the game will not be released until Q1 2010, but there will be regular updates until that time.

Soon I will create a feature list of all the expected features of the game.
Which will be posted in the near future.

Night Hawk

Current todo list.. (Can and will change at any time..)
Color Codes: Green (Finished parts.) Blue (Currently Being Worked on.) Red (Not implimented yet.)

• #1 Fix jump jeting where the mech wont go in different directions.. Or walk in air.. I would like it where
when they are in air.. The animation stops at 1.. Where one leg is lifted up in the air.. That way it looks like
it is dangleing.. The animation needs to stay at 1 until the mech touches the ground.. Also it needs to not be allowed to fall over
in the air.. Stay straight up and down.. (DONE)

• #2. re aligning the GUI for wide screens(Done)
• #3. intergrateing stand alone MySql server for our AKMainServer(Done)
• #4. Dynamic control system.. Ability to change the controls through the Configurator. (working on it but no hope)
• #5. Change use key command to indicate which key the player should press (will be done in a sec)
• #6. Add actual throttle to the mechs..and vehicles Makeing the mechs and vehicles continue walking or driveing until they player
chooses to slow down the mech or vehicle..(Done)

• #7. Find better music for the main menu opening sequence. (i guess this is done)
• #8. Get with Jarkko to create a intirely new GUI for the mechs and vehicles..(Done)
• #9. Fix idle animation for character (BUG in 0.82 fixed in 0.83)
• #10. Add multiable animations for character. (Done new method in Dynamic.cs)
• #11 Add computer voice.. The mechs needs a computer voice.. (in progress some voices are done)
• #12 Techlab.. Ablity to change out weapons for the mechs.. Would be great to have this in the demo.. (in Progress nearly Done)
• #13 Another jump jet problem.. When a map is over 200m tall.. The jump jets completely stop working.. Is there a way to make it where the jump jets check from the heightmap terrain itself?From uneven ground..Basically they check from the ground
height itself.. Because as of now.. There is places in some of the terrain where jump jets cant be used at all.. (Done)

• #14. completing the score system based on Factions (headshots, kills, friend aid... team kill.....)
• #15. implementing a Score for Each faction to decrease while more than half of maps flags are captured (Done)
• #16. importing the new jet version (Done but not good in progress still problem with networking)
• #17. finishing planetary systems
• #18. debugging Map Heat (Done)
• #19 It feels like the vehicles fall too slow when comeing off say a jump or something.. I would
like have some kind of way to make falling faster.. It just feels like they float in the air.. Or fall like a feather
Need some way to fix it so mechs and vehicles fall quicker from either jumping.. Or mechs jumpjetting..(Done there is a gravity option for each map in NAME)

• #20 Add directional Jump jets to the mechs. Useing the numpad keys (in progress, GUI done ).
• #21 Add Boosters and Light jump jets to the AKcar code and AKtank.. Space will Activate jets
and Shift will activate the booster.. Make sure to have a toggle for them in the Resource editor.. True or False..
• #22 Missles need to have a incomeing beeping sound indicater.(Done)
• #23 Random Wizby sounds for bullets..
• #24 Smoke particles for the mechs to show up when they over heat.(Done)
• #25 Light for AK unit (Done)
• #26 Sliding menus (in progress)
• #27 main Menu map Curv (Done)
• #28 Team kill server option
• #29 Update the car Code

• #30 Dynamic zoom "with mouse wheel" (Done)
• #31 Player charecter HUD (Radar Done, showing bullets for weapons done , design is not finished)
• #32 4 weapon selection for player charecter (Done, waiting on actual weapons and the weapon kit list)
• #33 Headshot system (Done)
• #34 Waypoint AI for units on main menu (Done)
• #35 Night vision (Error So far)
• #36 AKturret.cs (Done)
• #37 Lava
• #38 Car Dust particle
• #39 Targeting Computer, visual part of leading a moving target to be able to hit them wile moveing..
• #40 heatsink in Tech lab
• #41 Jump jet Buying for Techlab
• #42 jump jet fule ratio value in NARE
• #43 change visual of RE and ME to the dark skin

• #44 heat vision
•#45 Torso Rotation limit for the mech and the Turret

(Currently in progress.. More stuff will be detailed soon..)

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Very cool :)

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blackmodeler - - 1,015 comments

great stuff, cant wait for the next update! ^_^

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