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Created some more moves for the characters and improved the grab handling in combat. Will be implementing areas where you can sneak kill enemies next and then finally onto weapons! Also there is a new online store with lots of Lone Wolf merchandise available, will be adding more art and designs in the future.

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The newest alpha build 0.2.5 is ready for download! Log in to your Play-Em account and download the latest version!

The following changes were made:

Lone Wolf and the other characters now have grab punch and kick moves. Lone Wolf's werewolf form can do a special punch and kick by pressing forward twice then punch or kick respectively. Grabbing moves (except specials) will gain more Ki, as a werewolf, the biting also give health.

Fixed animation bugs occurring during grab attacking.

Added more moves the enemy characters, also balanced the damage they do more.

Balanced more of the attacks, combos, and hit animation times to allow for a bit more time to attack and recover from a hit.

More bugs fixed in general to collision, grabbing, and throwing.

Finished adding more moves to the characters and now I'll be adding sneakable areas to the environment and implementing sneak kills. After this it will be time for some weapons! I also added some Lone Wolf related merchandise to our new online store, you can buy T-Shirts, sweaters, hoodies, stickers, posters and more. If there is any more merchandise you would like to see in the store, please contact and let me know. Stay tuned for the latest updates, if you like what you see please pre-order or donate at Lonewolfgame.com or at Play-em.com, play it now!

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