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I'll be describing the state of the game and what I need from the community.

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State of the game

The game is in it's pre-alpha stage right now. I'll release the pre-alpha client within the next few weeks. The client will have limited content for now. I want to see what kind of support I can get for the game to see if it would be worth moving on.

Basic Features

  • Trade System/PvP Battles
  • Complete EV/IV System
  • Gen 2 Style Graphics
  • Original Regions
  • Custom Story Lines
  • It won't stop at gen 2 (Meaning regions beyond gen 2 will be featured)
  • Basic Character Customization (Will be updated in the future)
  • And plenty more I'll list later on
  • More than 3 Starter choices at the beginning of the game

There's plenty more features I will list later on. A website will come before the release of the game.

Thanks :D

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