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Post news RSS More destruction and updated graphics in Drive Megapolis - march updates

Graphics improvement, bugfixes, internet radio and many new updates for Drive Megapolis here.

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Added new depth of field and HDAO graphics improvements:

Road signs, street lamps and many other things has been upgraded so you can knock them over or destroy in cities:

Many texture problems and logical errors has been fixed since last time.

Internet radio is added to the game(you can edit it in mgpls\radio.txt) you can switch between different radio-stations in game and change the volume, later we will add the feauture that you can place mp3 and ogg files into special folder and the game will play music from there.

You can buy the latest version for only 2.49$ here S5zone.itch.io

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full changelog:

9:19 AM 3/19/2016
OutsideOfBounds optimization idea
we have too much time in CCity update find out why![how about we limit of creating props per frame and we must output total amount of them for debug purposes!]
A_autodrom had wrong texture
we should remove our idea of loading scene under cars it seems to slow down them, if we can remove them outside of bounds, then there is no need to simulate something far away anyway, just disable it
for starters iNWCar don't use ai when it's away and don't update it's state that may led it to rest
VERY NICE OPTIMIZATIONS REMOVE car from scene while it's out from bounds untill it can be repositioned or disable it somehow[may cause flying, but we need to repos them anyway!]
CCity takes 0.7-2ms find out why fixed
if the srcname has signs in it we create it as cvx diretly
experimental Yoffset added to signs for correct adding of them
we need to fix last wheel of the car that is getting to high on the ground lol
solved wrong position on overpass for fast physics model
kamaz bad additional wheel position
idea about increasing the mass of items for realistic impact
car hit sounds base on impact instead of speed
also about sounds, we can query actual object hit speed(that use to break voronoi stuff), make that into function and use it

12:12 PM 3/18/2016
intersection street 4 lane_tram - 4 lane trafficlights.XDIR
intersection T street 4 lane_tram - 4 lane trafficlights.XDIR

intersection street 4 lane - 4 lane trafficlights.XDIR
intersection T street 4 lane - 4 lane trafficlights.XDIR
intersection street 4 lane - 2 lane trafficlights.XDIR
intersection T street 4 lane - 2 lane trafficlights.XDIR
intersection T street 2 lane - 2 lane trafficlights.XDIR
intersection street 6 lane - 2 lane trafficlights.XDIR
tram stop street 4 lane_tram.XDIR
OBJECTS/HighwayJunction/junction_T_highway-road(4lane)_part1 all turn 90 to left bug!
Cars/TBusPsg/ext2 bad wheels FIXED
OBJECTS/HighwayJunction/junction_T_highway-road(4lane)_part3 done
HighwayConnection\connection_highway(4lane)-road(4lane).XDIR done
OBJECTS/HighwayConnection/connection_highway(4lane)-road(4lane) DONE
OBJECTS/RoadConnection/connection 2 lane road - 4 lane road done
\intersection T street 4 lane - 2 lane trafficlights.XDIR bugfix
intersection street 4 lane - 2 lane trafficlights.XDIR bugfix
junction_highway-road(2lane)_part2.XDIR ADDED
city_big7 put animals sign where moose is![also mark all this sign links that we use as dynamic cvx by default]
radio to menu as button
add lamp post can be moved <=> *static lampposts function to menu
cleared few debug thins
FOV change+menu edit ability
depth of field to menu
HDAO resurrected
new experimental drive mode 9kmph idle mode added
load less props per frame optimization added
added statistic on props loading

10:46 AM 3/17/2016
intersection road 2 lane - 2 lane.XDIR
intersection road 2 lane - 4 lane.XDIR
intersection road 4 lane - 4 lane.XDIR
intersection street 2 lane - 2 lane.XDIR
intersection T road 2 lane - 2 lane.XDIR
intersection T road 2 lane - 4 lane.XDIR
intersection T road 4 lane - 4 lane.XDIR
idea to keep world around the cars
add option for special emergency button
added more stuff to menu
Portuguese translation for errors added
gateway street 4 lane_tram 1 side.XDIR problem reporting grass fixed
experimental gear switichin to avoid high rpm bugs
patch single models[very important we have huge list of them, especially signs]
online radio idea - concept[simple play list is stations]

10:42 AM 3/16/2016
OBJECTS/Road_Tram/crosswalk street 4 lane_tram
dv_* models added with correct scale
we have bad bug for compound, solved as not using compound for now
OBJECTS/Other/bilbord_* added
konus added

4:05 PM 3/15/2016
fixed \crosswalk street 2 lane.XDIR
OBJECTS/RoadConnection/connection 2 lane street - 2 lane road
OBJECTS/RoadConnection/connection 2 lane street - 4 lane street
OBJECTS/Street_2/bus stop street 2 lane 1 side
OBJECTS/Street_2/bus stop street 2 lane 2 side.XDIR
OBJECTS/Street_2/roundabout street 2 lane
OBJECTS/Street_4/roundabout street 4 lane
OBJECTS/Street_4/crosswalk street 4 lane
OBJECTS/Street_2/overpass street 2 lane
OBJECTS/Street_4/overpass street 4 lane
OBJECTS/Road_Tram/bus stop street 4 lane_tram 2 side
OBJECTS/Road_Tram/bus stop street 4 lane_tram 1 side

9:25 AM 3/14/2016
lamps and few signs experimental destruction
bus stop flickering fixed
enable/disable road_props added
faster props idea, load only near
more proprs optimizations
map description added
added car descriptions as well
we get assert here e3d_LowStd(ES"LOOOL"); 136 line of frustum culling, updated

11:56 AM 3/12/2016
logan shaking around >60kmph bug!
add load to animation for our old stuff! - that will fix a lot of problems
misc translation added
GetTime function revived for very old code
a_avtodrom * bugfixes+green flickering light addition

11:26 AM 3/13/2016
we can make dynamic objects around the street, how we do that, we fill data with tree and then load/unload it like we do with normal physics[we can even use the same physics place, we just need to think how to put it around] - we have barriers barels, we also need wheels and locate them all over the street randomly so we can destroy them at will
make diffirent dist probs based on road size
dual sided random generation added for props

5:09 PM 3/9/2016
fixed sound problems(openal does't support 32bit only 24bit)
implemented expermental grass3
improved heightmap sampler
english text weird blur color bug fixed
NUCLEAR snake bugfix
added new sign 20+
SOMETHING is eating our cpu time! sleep founded, fixed
poligon_contr needs correct scalling for new mesh

11:03 AM 3/8/2016
tram limited patch
speed info bugs fixed
bloom is not bright enough[probably it get's lit with lighting or fog]
we have some time, let's start by making our heighmap sampler idea[either 2x2 or 3x3]
long VL is broken
too much hdr in evening
main problem turning left light doesn't flicker

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