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I'm not dead, and so isn't this mod. Here is a list of boring stuff.

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Lots of boring stuff done.

  • Fixed Zombie Health issue that spams the console.
  • Detects if zombies enter the castle and takes away one life once they do.
  • GUI Simplification, I'm spending a bit of time to simplify the GUI to something more natural instead of random paint splatter everywhere.
  • Sooound. Working on sound, anyone want to donate any of their voices for the zombies? :D
  • Special Zombies with armor and other stuff. It's only difference right now is it's color but I'm going to attach hats later.
  • Prop upgrading system is 1/2 done. the other 1/2 is to edit the classes code to add more oomph on each upgrade.
  • Commented on a bunch of stuff for the kiddies who want to learn from this overlycomplicated gamemode.
  • Stopped using networked vars because they can crash the game :(

too tired. 10th grade sucks.

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