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Streaking cannonballs, updated thanks page, and fixed controls menu! Also, realistic buoyancy is back! Trajectory tracer is fixed, also!

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Hey guys! It's been a couple of days since my last post! The last couple of days I've been working on atmospheric things, plus a couple bug fixes. A complete changelog will be below. Now, there are streaks of fire trailing the cannonballs, which makes the combat look a lot better. Also the thanks/credits page has been updated. Previously, there was a bug in the controls menu which wouldn't display the controls, which has been corrected. The map has been made bigger! Also, x axis rotation has been added back! Previously, there was a bug where turning would move the camera downwards, which was being caused by the x axis rotation, so I removed it. Now, the camera is unparented when the ships change, and the model rotates independently of the container object with the classes, and the camera. So, the ship will not only move up and down with the waves, but it will also rise pitch and roll with them too. Additionally, the trajectory tracer traced to a point slightly above where the mouse was, causing it to be confusing where the ship was aiming. That bug has been fixed, so now the tracer shows exactly where it's going to go. And as always, bugs were quashed.

Thanks, Abhay Deshpande

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