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New video of the Abstráctomon boss game in Error Ware 2.

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Still working hard on the Abstráctomon boss game in Error Ware 2!

Currently there are 60 monsters (a few of them still with placeholder sprites) and 38 out of about 100 attacks implemented. Status effects & Exp work now, too (but they won´t evolve or learn new attacks for now).

When I´m done with the attacks, I want to implement some Items for healing, etc. And Abstráctoballs for catching, of course! :)

Then, I can start working on the overworld... So you see it´s still a long way to go.

But I´ll probably release a new demo of the game when I´m done with the battle system, so you can try it out for yourself.

Have a nice day,

Mc Jey (U-GameZ)

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