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A new update of Morbus has been released featuring new models, sounds, interface fixes and changes, as well as some balancing!

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-Rules and Guide panels now use DFrames instead of customized Panels.
-Rules and Guide panels are now larger, and scrollbars now properly work
-Brood Alien base damage raised by 1 (12->13)
-Brood Alien base attack cooldown lowered to 0.55 (0.6->0.55)
-Brood Alien attack range increased by 2 (90->92)
-Brood Aliens now do less (35%) damage with guns (65->35)
-Brood Alien claw upgrade reduced from 2 per level to 1.
-Brood Alien claw upgrade now has 8 levels.
-Swarm Aliens attack damage now scales with #players (12->6dmg scales between 3->20 players)
-Swarm Aliens damage resistance now scales with #players (30%->130% bonus damage scales between 3->20players)
-Swarm Aliens movement speed reduced by 10 (240->230)
-Swarm Alien spit now scales on #players (20->10dmg scales between 3->20 players)
-Swarm Aliens now only take 30% fall damage (40%->30%)
-The Blaster no longer damages the player who fired it
-Beretta damage reduced by 2 (18->16)
-Male names removed: "Fluttershy", "Rainbow"
-Male names added: "Mitt"
-Last names added: "Romney","Fungerlichen"
-Damage scaling fixed
-Player damage sounds
-Swarm Alien model changed

The new version can be downloaded on the official Morbus website or on ModDB

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