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A new build of moonman is out for windows and osx.

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A new build of moonman is out! Get the windows version from here, or the osx from here. This is the last TECH DEMO of moonman. Future builds will contain actual gameplay. :)

I appreciate any and all bug reports or funny behaviours. Please refer to the readme.txt for instructions and keymappings. There are keys to spawn spiders, give yourself lots of loot, etc. As always, thanks for reading.

Changelog for 0.3
heaps of refactoring!
stalactite block
ctrl+click is right-click on mac, so removed water click function
Replaced cegui logging window with manual SFML-based window
show rectangle around selected block for mining
block flashes on hit
leaves slope block
inpenetrable blocks on border
disabled block tinting
draw black rects for border chunks
fix: light shouldnt come through border chunks
disabled start-up image
vines are now climbable
added in-game menu
f2 - edit mode
added ‘save&quit’ to menu
dark outline render mode (fancy mode) now optional and disabled by default
tab hides all UI stuff
full cleanup of background renderer
fix: renderer was slow
spiderweb slight colour variant/tint
dont repeat jump with space, wait until it is repressed
fix: colours, minimal palette
items are picked up via collision with mm using physics system
inventory - can drag items into world
fix: background renderer was slow, not I cull occluded stars and use
MAJOR: removed cegui
refactored function calls into game events, e.g., EV_SWAP_ITEMS
refactored: Messages are now called Events
renderer: Snap all objects to nearest pixel to prevent jittering
MAJOR: Particles!
blocks register a “particle_colour” (default is just dirt colour)
fix: made world saving safer, by saving the world to a tmp file and then do a filecopy when its done
MAJOR: can mine + place background blocks (called "walls") The hammer is used
to mine walls.
Added minimum damage threshold to blocks (so we cant mine diamond with our hands!)
Added spawn_block_on_destroy, so some blocks don't create block items when
destroyed (e.g., glass)
Added block attachment logic. E.g., grass is destroyed if the dirt below it is
destroyed. Also vines, stalactites, etc.
fix: can place non-collidable objects under self
pick axe is now good at picking stone and rock both
added life/death/respawn
Can kill all things with ‘k’
added health bar
all entities receive falling damage
added 'u' and 'y' keys to spawn mobs
mm damaged when spider collides with him
changed background (temporarily)
made a new game launcher


Will download. Sounds cool!

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