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We just added the moon, first version of aerodynamic drag, some other small things and bug fixes!

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We just released Patch 2.1.0 which brings the following changes:

- {ADDED} MOON! (1:10 in size, realistic gravity, craters)
- {ADDED} First iteration of aerodynamic forces. On higher altitudes you can now fly faster and on lower altitudes you can fly slower (there is still a speed cap so the physics engine doesn't bug out). This should also make it easier to get into space and move around quicker in space
- {ADDED} Construction table function for custom blocks
- {ADDED} Dampeners for player (works only when in zero gravity environment! Jetpack comes later)
- {ADDED} Dampeners mode UI
- {ADDED} Spawn Point in Space (only recommended for creative mode!)
- {ADDED} Spawn Point on Moon (only recommended for creative mode!)
- {ADDED} confirmation box before deleting save game
- {ADDED} FOV setting
- {ADDED} uranium spawn chance on moon (preparing for electricity and not usable at the moment)
- {IMPROVED} atmospheric scattering (rendering of atmosphere, lighting inside of atmosphere)
- {IMPROVED} Lighting system to work better outside of earth and when ascending from earth
- {FIXED} bug where ambient light suddenly goes off while ascending from earth
- {FIXED} bug where sun disappeared in space when it's night time on planet below player
- {FIXED} Gravity not being updated in UI while in seat

Hope you like the changes and additions! Really looking forward to what you do with this one guys ;) Can't wait to see your moon bases!

What are we doing now?
At the moment we're working on the electricity system and are progressing very well! But as always we don't give out any ETA of course.
We can't wait until this system is available to you guys because it's the first step into the more "factory" or "techy" direction!




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