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This is the summary of what has happened during the month of June and what is planned for the month of July!

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Well! Here we are!!!! The next month has begun and the work is going smoothly and perfectly so far.

Let me summarize for you what has been completed during the last month!

  1. Soundtrack Wise: The Main Menu Theme & The Character Creation Theme
  2. Art Wise: The Main Menu Screen, Parchment Textures, Collages
  3. Programming Wise: The Main Menu & The Character Creation
  4. Writing Wise: The Get Help Page Template
  5. Other Progress: Facebook Page, DeviantArt Profile

1. The Soundtrack

We will not be sharing the Character Creation theme for now, but it is complete.

2. The Art

Here are two examples of the art completed this month. In total, 3 textures and the main menu background have been completed.

In terms of art, we have also created a DeviantArt channel where we offer free art as stock. Follow the link to the profile on DA: Bloodguardstock.deviantart.com

3.) Programming

The main menu has been modified, the soundtrack added, the background added, the menu items repositioned and the Help link replaced with a Get Help page.

Further more, the programming and story of the Character Creation has been completed as well. It is complete in terms of all art, text, music and codes.

4.) Writing

The entire Character Creation story has been completed, plus the template for the Get Help document was written up in clear HTML code.

5.) Other Progress

ADS:2 now has a Facebook page with over 300 likes already on it! Follow this link there: Facebook.com

We also have a DeviantArt profile where we provide free stock art: Bloodguardstock.deviantart.com

For the next month I have planned to get in touch with concept artists and complete some chapters of the storyline as well as more music.

Thank you for following ADS:2! Have a good month!

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