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The project is getting convoluted. Time to refactor and cut out old code.

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Welcome back to prog!

Sorry this is a bit late.

This month I've been busy with work and decided to take some time to take an overview of the Skettle project, cut back on previous draft code still in the project, figure out ways to optimize and clean up systems to prepare for other features I haven't implemented yet. There are a number of hacks still in the player controller from the first demo that I need to rework. I also need to work on the enemy systems so the player can interact with them in different ways.

There's just a lot in the project and a lot that shouldn't still be.

I hope to get back to a proper update next month.

In the mean time, here's a little doodle I made for this update.

Edit March 24th: I've just gone radio silent to finish everything. I haven't forgotten about the project and I'm trying to get everything working and finished up. I plan on making a retrospective after I get it out the door.


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