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MonsterSeas is now available for download. Here's a quick overview of what you might expect.

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What it actually is?

MonsterSeas is a hybrid roguelike. It is turn-based, it is about leveling, it is about exploring lot's of levels. On the other hand it is not typical. It's not another dungeon crawler, where you just stand next to a rat and press end turn button waiting for it to die. You have to think tactical - consider wind, attack range (well, your ship propably don't have any cannons in the front), move range. Are your starboard cannons ready to fire? What about larboard?


So how this original and glorious movement system works?

It is actually pretty simple. Your ship can move in three directions (represented by these orange things) several times per turn (speed). Of course it can't move against wind - after all it doesn't have an engine, have it? Really, have it? (Spoilers!)

Movement North wind

As you can sea see there is also a red thing. It shows you enemies in range of your cannons. You can attack in 6 directions several times per turn. If you have 2 attacks you can fire 4 times - 2 times from a starboard and 2 times from a larboard.

Is that all? Can I play it now?

Wait, there are also items! Six types of items!

  • Readable - notes, letters, everything you can read. They exist becouse of a plot. Yes, there is a plot.
  • Cannons - you'll never guess, they are.. wait for it.. cannons! And you can equip them.
  • Special - you can equip them, but they are not cannons (complicated, I know).
  • No-use - it's my favourite type. No-use items do nothing. (but maybe in connection with another item..)
  • Useable - they are opposites to no-use items. They do things. A lot of things. But only once.
  • Crew member - not really items, but they need space on your ship (like items).


Sounds great! Anything else?

Of course! There are different levels, bosses, achievements and even biomes. Now, as you know basic concepts you can play MonsterSeas and discover all of it by yourself.

Download it for free here and leave feedback so I can improve the game :)

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