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The original goal of the mod rethought and polished

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So a little bit of history recap first. The original promise of the mod was an entirely reworked monster system that gives the monsters distintc personalities other than different looks, sounds and damage numbers as well as giving them a dinamic movement system that is based on the player's location.

The second part didn't work out that well, especially since it required the monsters to never despawn which turned out to only frustrate players instead of building on the experience. I recently revisited SOMA in which monsters never go away if you die and I realised why I disliked the monsters in that game despite being more advanced than in Amnesia.

So how does all of that relate to this mod? Well, I have worked out a way to bring back the monster personalities. Grunt being the predator type of guy that toys with its prey, the suitor being the ruthless killer and chubby being the patroling guardian type whitout the need of a dynamic pathing system or never despawning in a traditional sense. He will despawn but he will occasionally return to check around the player, other than the scripted events.

I'm not going to update the description of the mod yet because I don't want to every update or so when I decide to do something, but then realise it's not that simple and scrap that idea, only to revisit it later. Anyways just a quick update on what I'm working on (or at least the more notable ones, in the mean time the levels and story is being slowly worked on but it's not as interesting to make an article about as monster ai or something like that).

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