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Post news RSS Monday Update: New Stages and Pixel Art Timelapse

An update detailing our progress on the game and showing off our pixel art development.

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When you’re keeping busy it’s easy to forget to update things like blogs and social media, and making games sure as hell keeps you busy. I’m afraid we’ve been neglecting you fine internet dwelling folk, so let me try to rectify that. Give me another chance. I can change, I swear! Communication is key to strong and healthy relationships, so beloved readers, let me turn this failing marriage around the only way I know how: by talking at you, once a week, at an allotted time.

In other words, I’ll be doing weekly updates from now on to keep you all in the loop. So let’s get started!

Updates for Monday 6/01/2014

New Levels Added to Fatal Theory

We’ve got a new scrolling stage and the last two bosses in the game and awaiting testing right now. Yes – you heard me right! The LAST two bosses! Meaning that the story mode as of this moment is almost complete. The cutscene art and dialogue around these stages are all but finished too, and with a little revision they’ll be ready to drop straight into the game!

New Allies in Development

Last year some amazing people paid to go into the game as allies to help Nick on his rampage, and with most of the game complete we’ve finally gotten around to putting them in. After all this time, they must have thought we swindled them for petty change! But not so. Here’s a sample:

You'd be sadder too, in an apocalypse

And that’s all I have time to show you right now, but before we wrap things up...

FINAL BOSS sneak peak: pixel art time lapse

Behold Matt’s pixel art skill, sped up to 16x! The music in the clip is also new music from the game, made for the airship stage. I love watching this guy work.

Adios wreckers!


That's some pretty good spriting there! ^_^ The game looks awesome, I will have to get it sometime so I can SLASH AND SLASH AND SLASH AWAY! XD

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2HitAdam Author

Haha yeah! That's the spirit :D

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