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Post news RSS Monday Update: Finished Story Art and a Credits Screen!

A look at some of the fresh art Matt has produced for the story mode cut scenes, and how we tackled the credits screen to prevent players getting bored while the names roll.

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Ah, it’s good to be back in the office after taking a few days off to relax. I’ve been off doing super boring grant proposals and budgeting lately, trying to secure some funding for the studio, but Matt has been hard at work on the game as ever.

Here’s what he has to show for it:

Finished story art!

The story art is totally finished and now in game! Some of the dialogue still needs a little work but I’d say we’re about a week away from having the story mode totally done and dusted. And honestly? That’s pretty darn exciting for us.Here’s some samples for your pretty little eyeballs:

It's the gate to Hell, Nick. Duh.
It's the gate to Hell, Nick. Duh.

And if you were wondering what's on the other side...
And if you're wondering what's on the other side...

Here's how you find out!
Here's how you find out!


We’ve sort of been debating how to do the credits screen for awhile, and just scrolling it seemed a little boring. People would just skip it for sure, and that’s no good, we want our hard work acknowledged! Plus it would be extra effort to code. So we mulled it over and eventually landed on this:

That’s right, even the credits are a beat ’em up level in Fatal Theory. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the funnest.

We made sure to include a “Thank you for playing” too. When I get to the end of a game and sit all the way through the credits, I want to be acknowledged for it. Some games do it in the special thanks, some games flash up a thank you at the end, but the ones that don’t always feel a bit cheap to me. A game is nothing without players booting it up, and those small words are the difference between me walking away feeling warm and fuzzy for supporting this big collaborative project and me walking away feeling just a little under appreciated.

It’s a small thing, but it matters.

Well that’s all for now, I’m gonna slam some coffee and tear into it so I have more to report for next week. Adios wreckers!

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