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Hello everyone! I am finally back after a month of moving. I was away due to a personal career opportunity. Of course as you can see, I am still working on this game and we’re still close to release. This transition was a minor delay, but now I’m all settled in after the move. In case you were concerned, this has no negative effects on the game or the continuation of WEB Gaming Entertainment...

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Hello everyone!

I am finally back after a month of moving. I was away due to a personal career opportunity. Of course as you can see, I am still working on this game and we’re still close to release. This transition was a minor delay, but now I’m all settled in after the move. In case you were concerned, this has no negative effects on the game or the continuation of WEB Gaming Entertainment. Things are no different than they were before in fact as it’s just a move from one organization to the next. This week, before we continue with the “employee type” updates, I want to give you all sort of a “Studio Update”.

As mentioned, things were on hold this past week. Everything happened fairly suddenly, but I am resuming all operations this week. So with that said, this update will be about the state of the game and how far out you can expect the game to release. To that end, my timetables haven’t changed by any significant margin.

To begin, Tech Executive Tycoon is about 85% complete. I will break down exactly where we are at this moment in time. So with great transparency here are some specifics relating to what is left to do before the game is ready for release:

  • All of the AI is in the game except for some small scale logic left to implement. (85% complete).
  • 70% of the art assets are finalized, with most already implemented into the game
  • CPU creation is in and all of the remaining product game-play is going in this month.
  • UI is 75% completely implemented.

Following this information, there will be minor administrative tasks to complete and then we’re ready to release the game. I am sharing this so that you can have a very transparent look at where I am in development. I often say that we’re close to release, but this time, I wanted to present actual data or information supporting the statement. So today, there aren’t many things that I want to show in screenshots or video, but we will resume talking about the employee specialist next week.

Just so that you all know, I will continue to post updates after release as well, so don’t look at these updates as a “countdown” of sorts, because that would be misleading. The game will release far before I stop posting any updates about the game or the studio. There will be patches, updates and new content after release.

So, now I will get back to work on the game and get us to the finish line. This week I will focus solely on getting GPU’s, Computers, Consoles and video games implemented so that you can see how that will work in the game. The greatest thing about this, is that it should be a very seamless and quick process due to the way the game is structured. Implementing the CPU included implementing the framework for adding in new product creation modules for the future. So most of what I have to do is to simply follow the blueprint and plug the other products in with minor variations due to the fact that each product is NOT identical in the way that they work in the game.

So I am eager to complete this game and get it into your hands. So, please know that I want to hit these deadlines as much as anyone. Thank you all for your support and of course, your patience! Updates will resume as usual as we ramp up toward the finish line. Crunch time is now and I am ready to meet the challenge. I’ll see you all next week!


Arctic Wolf

Will we be able to select what type of industry we want to participate in say by choosing to manufacture a laptop, mobile, desktop or desktop GPU/CPU?

WEB: You will make that selection at the beginning of the game giving you technology options to choose to start with for that product. So in a sense your selection will dictate which starting technologies you can preselect. So if you choose CPU’s, you will then have the option to preselect from early technologies related to CPU’s. If you decide to go a different direction in that same play through, you see how you will put yourself at a disadvantage. You can change however often you like, but that won’t change what technologies you already preselected at the beginning of that play through.

Will there be options for continuing to make & sell products as we are discontinuing a product & stopping repairs for that product that has gone through to the end of its life cycle?

WEB: You can definitely continue to manufacture whichever products you like until you discontinue that product. There will be an option for you to do that. Once you take the product off of the shelves, it will be “archived” in a sense. However, once you discontinue it, you will not be able to bring it back, unless you’re creating its successor.

Will we be able to announce release dates & cancel them if we see that we’re not meeting the standards or above for technology?

WEB: Yes, you can set the release date, and if you miss it, there will be consequences (like what I’m experiencing these days ;). However, if it is a good product and you market it effectively, you can overcome that setback. If you completely cancel it however, you will have a far greater negative impact to your company’s reputation.

When we cancel products or discontinue a product to early can our relationship with business partners suffer as result?

WEB: Yes, and this could have legal ramifications as well if you signed a collaboration contract with another company and bail on the product.

Can we sell crappy products & make a load of money from customers by tricking people into buying our products & owning the industry?

WEB: Yes, and no. The first time you try to attempt this, it may work if the hype is high enough, but when the final product is far worse than what was advertised, it can have a really negative impact on the company in the long run hurting any future products you try to create and sell. Reputation is huge in this game.

Can you make more modeling/game design for the game? You’re quite the artistic one! lol I love your desk; cabinet & break room furniture modeling videos I would be so happy if you made more plus if you made videos on the UI for the game!

WEB: Thank you, and I will try. I know I’ve mentioned before that I would do it. However, with the demand I am placing on myself to get this game out ASAP, I might not be able to fit it into my schedule.

Will we be able to select a primary & secondary industry like CPU/GPU as primary & Computers as a secondary industry just in case we fail to make money or innovative products.

WEB: Throughout the game, depending on how you manage your budgets and your company overall, you will be able to branch out into different industries. So, yes it is possible. To add to this however, there are different ways to make money other than selling products. You can sell services as well. So if you have warehouses, you can contract it out to other companies. You can also use your customer service teams to service 3rd party products. You might also use your engineers to work on contract work given by other companies. The last thing I am not completely sure about yet, but it is something I am considering.

Can you make the game playable in the year 1900 so we can work on building Vehicles like trains, planes, boats, ships, cars, trucks, trams, motorcycles & dirt bikes?

Can you also make computers & technology be discoverable in the 1960’s?

WEB: We’re only starting in 1970 (earliest). Also, there will only be technology related products in this game.


Can you present your new product in like an event e.g. E3? and if you present your product if you could impress the crowd, it could build a lot of hype. Anyways, game looks beautiful. Looking forward for the release

WEB: Yes, there will be events you can go to and present your products for each industry. Of course it will cost to present at different tiers. The benefits would be hype. More on this in another update possibly.

Can you make a game that is exclusive to your own console? Example: God of War is an exclusive to PS series, and if the game that you create is good it should increase profits for your console because they need to buy the console to get the game.

WEB: Yes, this is in the game. Every console will have two list of game catalogs: Exclusive and general. The Exclusive game title sales will have a direct impact on that particular console’s sales. General titles will be a battle between whichever console has the best features and support.

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