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Momento Temporis still needs your help on Steam Greenlight.

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Last week we released the game on Steam greenlight and we're happy to report that we've been steadily climpbing the greenlight charts throughout the weekend. But we still need your help, so please check out our page today: Steamcommunity.com

We've been trying to get the word out about the game being on Greenlight all weekend through social media, mail contacts as well as friends and family. We really believe that once you know about, and have tried this game, you will love it as much as we do. We're so thankful for all the support we've gotten so far and hope that you'll continue ti help us speread the word about the game.

During the weekend we've also uploaded some more video clips from the game on our youtube channel showing off different gamemodes. Like this one that shows off the fireball spell:

Also don't miss out on using the bomb spell when there's anemies that just don't want to leave you alone.

All the best,

Marcus, Burning Ice Game

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