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Wondering what the game is about, what's in it so far and how you can help? Read on.

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What is Modulated?

Modulated is a Mech Arena Simulator, where you customize your own mech and bring it to the arena.
The game focuses on a simulation style gameplay where you have to manage the weight and speed of your mech in order to aim and navigate.

What features is planned for the game?

The game is planned to have scavenging, crafting, improving parts, research, exploration, at least 100 unique parts, all uniquely behaving tools and weapons, lots of attachments, simulation based controls and combat. And plenty of arenas and events to partake in.

What stage is the development currently at?

The gameplay, basics AI and customization features are currently in. Most of the currently relevant assets are in and a few remaining bits are being completed.
However the game is currently in very early development and a lot of the features and content has yet to be implemented.
You can customize you mech, change settings, and fight in an arena, and the display of these features are relatively well presented and complete. But there is no player progression as of yet.

Will the game always be free?

No. There will be a free alpha, but as the game expands from there, a version containing updates will be released and will come at a small cost (starting price will probably be around €5.99).
The price will gradually increase as the game becomes more complex.

When is the game going to be released?

Well, the free alpha has been released.
As for a gold release, I don't know if it will ever be released in the standard sense. I wish to continue developing it until it's a complete game experience, then I will be happy to continue developing it as long as there is interest in it.

Why am I getting an error that "steam_api.dll is missing"?

There's two binary files for the game, you'll want to use the one in the binaries/win32 folder, not the one in the main folder.

Can I make a video of the game?

Go ahead!

Can I help?

Currently this game is a garage project with no funding behind it, and as such I am unable to develop the game full time or do any outsourcing whatsoever. However, donations can change this and help me make the game faster and better!
You can donate at: Paypal.com
Every bit helps and I guarantee the money will be spent on the game and nothing but the game.

If you do not have any money to spare you can also help by spreading the word of the game!

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