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Just a little update regarding my current progress of doings.

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So, I've been putting work into these next few updates. Bit by bit. It's been several days since I updated last, and there's a mighty good reason for this. I want to finish the next few updates and release everything in bursts as opposed to over time. See what progress I can make and just show off all new new stuff. So, my mighty followers. Rest assured that this isn't a dying project. It is just moving VERY VERY slowly. As I am working on this by myself.

While I am designing this project, I also have what seems to be a personal life. I have school to deal with, friends to talk to, and a girl that I am in love with. All of which demand time out of my day. I am pressing as much time as I can into this project, but I fear that I may be letting the project fall behind in hours, so I am going to start putting a minimum of 12 hours per week working on SCP-847. This should suffice for now.

Thanks a ton for the support!

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