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So modder/game developer Tsukino AI has been creating Sailor Moon fighting games for the MUGEN-engine since 2009, but recently in 2020 she posted a video showing her new MUGEN-project with completely fresh models for Sailor Moon and one of the villains. The entire screen pack is fresh, the models look great and it doesn't look like one of the old MUGEN-games. She has currently finished everything but the characters - only two playable characters available at the moment - show her your interest!

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Alright, so modder/game developer Tsukino AI has been developing MUGEN-editions of Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a more direct translation from Japanese,) since 2009, and in June 2020 she posted a video of her new project with a completely fresh screen pack, intro-video and music - but with only two characters finished - Sailor Moon and a villain named Morga. The characters have similar moves and intros as in the older versions but now with modern looking models/sprites.

Ok, so Tsukino Ai has a Patreon where one can support her project if one is interested in her completing it. She wrote on her Youtube-channel under her video that the interest in fighting-games amongst Sailor Moon-fans weren't big enough, so I thought that anyone who showed interest in this mugen project should visit her site and support her project as she could do what I tried doing on this page in 2016, but much better with great sprites. If you want a modern version of a Sailor Moon fighting-game for the MUGEN-engine then visit her page and show her your support.

Here is a video:


Tsukino AI:

"Our 1st #SailorMoon game is now available! Download link: Drive.google.com If you have a resolution error (1280x720x32 mode 0x0...failed), Download link:
Drive.google.com... *

Open mugen.cfg in the data folder. Edit the values of GameWidth and GameHeight under [Config]. You may want to try 640x360 or 1920x1080 or other combination that works for your computer. If the error still exists, you have to update the graphic card driver. You need a better graphic card if none of these work.

Good luck! For file loading errors (Can't load [file] e.g. fight.sff), you may want to unzip the exe file again or download the whole pack again. For other errors, please leave me a PM or comment below. I will try to offer solutions :3 Hope it lightens you up. Stay safe and healthy!

❤ Follow me! Instagram/ www.instagram.com/tsukinoaiplus

Website/ www.tsukinoaiplus.blogspot.com

Twitter/ www.twitter.com/tsukinoaiplus

DeviantArt/ www.deviantart.com/tsukinoaiplus

❤ Support my projects Ko-fi/ www.ko-fi.com/tsukinoaiplus *

Please be noticed that we will no longer release any unencrypted games and components (including characters and stages) and all released works are now unavailable. #MUGEN #FightingGame"

I think if you enjoyed my mugen-release that her project is the most promising for the future. So try downloading her demo and test it out, and if you enjoy it visit her pages.

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