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Now in one, easily reached place! Get your pretties here!

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I often feel bad about seeing people ask in r/victoria2 and r/paradoxplaza "What map mod is this?" I didn't do a very good job of actually RELEASING the mod, and instead just dropped a mega link in a reddit thread every now and then. So, I've decided to finally get things together and release it here. I'll be releasing different version of the mod - the combined shaders and .dds files, as well as the shaders alone for those who would like to repurpose them. The great thing about the shaders is that they only apply their effect based on the actual terrain that makes up the map - it's just a part of the graphics pipeline. So it should work for anything! The combined files should also be okay, but there may be some spots where bodies of water on the colormap_political.dds don't quite line up where they're supposed to depending on the mod. In the future, I will likely just not attempt to match up bodies of water since mods will always be changing anyway, and opt to remove any spots corresponding to tiny, inland bodies of water on the colormap_political. This means inland water may look a bit darker, but it's a much more portable and visually negligible fault than unsightly spots.

Anyway, here's how to install the mod:


  • Download MMMM Full
  • Unzip the MishMashMapMod folder and the MishMashMapMod.mod file to you Victoria 2/mod folder
  • Turn on /MishMashMapMod/ in the launcher

Just the Shaders

  • Download MMMM Shaders
  • Unzip the MMMMShader folder and the MMMMShader file to your Victoria 2/mod folder
  • Turn on MMMMShader in the launcher

I am not currently planning this, but if enough people ask for it, I still have the older versions of Mish Mash Map Mod if people prefer the legacy terrain effects and can host that here as well.

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