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A ModDB only posting, a preview of the audio to be used in Battle World RPG.

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ModDB exclusive audio!

This is a first time showing of the audio to be used in Battle World RPG. The soundtrack is composed of remixed and chopped up music from the artist, See-Saw, with Emily Bindiger as vocals.

In previous versions of Battle World RPG the music was horribly thrown together, with mis-matching soundtracks and a huge 100mb of MP3s and other formats, now the soundtrack (Which will be plugged into the game serparately) is of OGG format and is much smaller in file size.
The music is optional, but perhaps you can understand the themes and feel the game will be from listening to these.

Title Theme (Das Wandern)

Boss Battle Theme (Limits Loop Cut)

Misc Area Theme (17 Bit Happiness Loop Cut)
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