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So, It's been a long but fun Christmas and I'm hoping to get back top work on the mod and see a release in the coming month.

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Firstly, contrary to the belief of some people, the mod is not dead. I repeat: THE MOD IS ALIVE: I'm currently rebuilding Calradia Reimagined in a far more complex base game, with hundreds of additional features and weapons, with more strategy, better graphics and completely new ideas behind the mod's original engineering. However, progress is both slow and difficult, and a release will still be some time away, as I want it to be completely made before release so I won't have to patch content in.
Secondly, I want to know people's opinions: What's your favorite faction? What's your favorite unit? Because I'm rebuilding the mod, I'm considering editing some of the factions. I've personally found the Uttornam Empire to be somewhat boring as except for it's Slaves and Janissaries, the faction is too similar to the Sarranid Sultanate. I also want to know people's opinions on this matter, as I have plans to remake the Uttornam Empire into the Aryomir Emirates; Sun-worshipping Zealots, with fast and dangerous fighing techniques. Sound better or worse than the Uttornam? Please tell me.
Lastly, I'm a student: That means both an occasional lack of time, and a constant lack of money. If you like the mod please show your support and make a donation. Any amount will do, it just shows you care. Feel free to add a comment when you donate, and a special reward might find it's way to you in-game!
Donations button can be found in the summary section of the mod page, in the info bar beneath the site navigation buttons.

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