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The latest 0.700 update for Starpoint Gemini Warlords brings mod integration as well as new features and numerous tweaks and fixes.

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The word of the day for us at LGM is modding. Not really surprising considering the unleashed reward-dealing mod-contest. We have a number of tutorials, guides, articles and template mods ready for you, but this is only the beginning. We'll be pushing a lot of such materials over the course of production, especially as new features are implemented.

The full update change-log can be found below and once more there's quite a lot of it, but please don't be disappointed with the less-than-usual amount of new features. We were terribly busy with mod integration and the necessary changes.

Why you do this? you might ask. Well, that modding contest I mentioned above... It's under way and staging a mod-creation contest without the game actually being moddable isn't such a good idea, is it ;). If you're interested, check out the linked Moddb pages and give modding Warlords a try!

One thing I'd like to point out right away: Do NOT mod enhancements just yet. It's doable, but once we're done with their re-work, your mods won't work anymore and you'd have to do some serious updating. So it's better to wait a bit with those (next update more than likely).

If the tutorials are not providing all the answers you need, please don't hesitate to post your questions in the modding sub-forum or send us an email directly on modding@starpointgemini.com.


We're really looking forward to seeing your handywork!

Safe travels, captains!



  • Commodity description text was cut-off in some instances, on the Trader panel.
  • While docked, if you placed a Go To waypoint on some distant location, then switched Go To back on the current location, the autopilot would still proceed to the first location marked. This is no longer the case.
  • Firing weapons disables cloak, regardless if you've actually hit anything or not. This mechanic will be further updated.
  • The SETH platform weapons had a weird offset from its turrets. This is now fixed.
  • If you docked without seeing your ship (yep, this is possible), the ship would remain invisible in the hangar too. Well, no longer.
  • Fixed a problem where if you transfered command to another ship, while you had 0 ammo on a heavy weapon, that weapon would disappear.
  • The hangar will no longer disappear if you open the Starchart while landed.
  • Enemy fleets will now be visible when it is appropriate, instead of "hiding" from you.
  • Heavy weapon blast radius is now displayed properly
  • In some cases your new ship could mysteriously get the paintjob of your previous ship, after loading. This doesn't happen any more.
  • In some instances, your camera youd decide to switch between modes on its own. This should no longer happen, but if it does, please let us know.
  • Fixed a problem that could potentially corrupt save files. Better safe than sorry.
  • Average damage of a weapon on the Systems tab is now displayed properly.
  • In some cases, collision meshes would remain after a structure was destroyed. No more hitting invisible walls.
  • Collecting gas pockets from very close distances will no longer bug up the visual effect.
  • You can no longer double-collect the same gas pocket at the same time.
  • Several errors with hints and notifications are now fixed. Some words could get doubled or the shadow could decide to have a life of its own.
  • Using Esc button to exit the Controls tab in the Settings panel, no longer Applies the changes, but reverts them.
  • The Loki and Loki MKII (or "B") now use separate schematic images, as intended.
  • Loki_B ship now has the proper name displayed, instead of "ERROR".
  • In some instances the Starchart could get bugged up after selecting and deploying a civilian fleet.
  • Skipping the Prologue intro cutscene no longer bugs up the game.
  • If your ship was red hot from being in the sun for too long, transferring to a new ship will not make the new ship red hot as well.
  • Bonuses are now displayed properly and in a timely fashion on the Records panel.
  • The Load game panel will no longer try to convince you that your names is always Sparrow.
  • If you managed to click on any object on the Starchart while the Starchart was shutting down, the Info portion could remain hanging. This can happen no longer.
  • Attempting to Ram (as in skill) into a dying object could crash the game, but not anymore.
  • On exiting the game, the log.txt was riddled with Errors related to collision meshes. This issue is now cleared just to make sure nothing remains hanging in memory.
  • When you destroy a piece of junk, the target lock will no longer remain hanging on-screen for the next 10 seconds.
  • If you were using the Chase camera and then Rammed into the target, the resulting perpetual camera shake could cause nausea. This is now fixed.
  • Entering a hangar will remove all effects of a nearby anomaly.
  • For an instant, the fog-of-war would disappear when closing the Starchart. Now it doesn't.
  • Ship maneuverability is now displayed as intended.
  • There was a potential problem where textures would get loaded into memory several times, causing memory leaks.
  • Skill descriptions are no longer cut-off.
  • The cursor no longer gets bugged-up when you finish a quest.
  • If you docked while the Level up animation was taking place, you'd get a completely different ship. And the next time you leave the station the game would crash... Go figure how that makes any sense...
  • Using the Grapple action is now possible on proper distance to target.
  • Destroying a floating container (props object type) no longer triggers the target lock to remain hanging in space.
  • Fixed a number of text errors related to commodity descriptions.
  • Fixed a number of script issues that could potentially cause other problems.
  • Fixed Heimdall freighter schematics images.


  • New Gladiatrix arena added (hint: have a stroll through Baeldor).
  • Shield hit system completely overhauled to ensure precision. Firing at the front shield will properly hit the front shield.
  • You can now use Q and E keys to switch between war fleets on the Starchart.
  • A new notification system is implemented on the HUD
    • It appears on the left side of the screen.
    • This panel will now display a lot of the various information that was, until now, displayed all over the screen.
    • Color-coding of the notifications should make it easier to discern how important a notification is for you.
    • Feedback is as always more than welcome.
  • When you're not in combat, you now get a massive 300% shield regeneration increase.
  • New stuff added to the Customization panel
    • New cursors in the ship Customization panel (paint and rotation.
    • New blending modes: difference, negation, dividem flat
  • Artefact now has its proper loop and collect SFX.
  • Added additional content across the game world (of all forms and scope).
  • Added new gas pocket visuals.
  • Added new random encounters to make the game world more lively and interesting (a lot more to come).


  • Some perks were added
    • Freelancer - increased Freelance job Credit and Experience reward.
    • Beam training II, Beam training III.
    • Railgun training II, Railgun training III.
    • Plasma cannon training II, Plasma cannon training III.
    • Heavy weapon training.
  • Some perks were removed
    • Student I, Student II, Student III.
    • Field Commander IV removed. Field Commander V took its place (value-wise).
    • Fleet leader.
    • Shockwave training, Missile training and Fusion torpedo training are merged into a single Perk.
    • Jucied is replaced by a default out-of-combat shield boost mechanics.
    • Space wolf.
  • Some perks were changed
    • Corvette familiarity provides a 1000 points increase in shield strength.
    • Cruiser familiarity doubles heavy weapon ammo count. This is also properly displayed..
    • Fixer III was OP, but no longer.
  • Some perks are temporarily disabled (they will get enabled once their functionality is fully implemented)
    • Governor
    • Staunched defender
    • Field logistics II
    • Lab rat
    • Empirical scientist
    • Trainer
    • Sensor master
    • Tactical appraisal
    • Pinpoint precision
    • Field commander
  • Some perks have been disabled until they're fully implemented.
  • Soft reset is implemented for Perk points that are already used on changed Perks. Don't forget to redistribute them!
  • The Perks received in the Character creation dialogue have been slightly altered, together with the dialogue.
  • Damage-dealing skills now have proper damage type assigned to them (of importance for potential resistances).


  • Garage ships are now saved by keyname instead of id. This is important for mods and compatibility.
  • Damage-dealing skills now work on structures and platforms.
  • Replaced the hull hit, but temporarily disabled the critical hit visual effect.
  • Sensor, hail, transport, scan, dock via quickaction and target lock ranges tweaked for consistency and new range display and calculations.
  • Using the Collector equipment on gas pockets now properly drops higher yields.
  • Paintjobs are now properly saved for all your garage ships.
  • The grapple SFX will stop playing after the grappling ship gets blown up. You know... like it's supposed to.
  • If you use the delete key on a keybinding in the launcher -> settings, the bindings gets cleared if it was bound to something. But if the action wasn't bound to a key, then it will get bound to the Delete button.
  • The SETH platform is more accurate.
  • The Accept and Back buttons are more distant from one another on the Trader and Jobs board panels.
  • OnPulse animation of one of the Mining operation structures tweaked due to new mesh position (the main model had an offset).
  • The Shotgun skill can no longer cause critical hits that made it utterly OP.
  • You can no longer land on Phaeneros from a 60k distance. You really need to get closer.
  • Soak is now renamed to Dmg absorb.
  • Skill info panel slightly changed.
  • A whole lot of parameters are now saved differently (keyname instead of id for example). Saves should work properly regardless.
  • Corrected dialogue node colors. Disabled nodes turned out to be bright red for some reason, in some instances.
  • Skill descriptions updated with lore-related snippets.
  • Updated the QuickStartGuide.pdf that comes with the game in the installation folder.
  • Temporarily switched the main menu background due to the modding contest. Link button included.
  • The GameLauncher now has the Mods section. Quite handy to have that when you want to use mods with the game ;).
  • GoTo command improved to accomodate new distances and calculations (for all object sizes).
  • Upgraded anomaly visuals.


  • Gas collecting VFX and SFX are no longer handled through code, but are transfered onto scripts (CreateLocalLinked function).
  • Stations no longer have the OnHail script hardcoded. This event now has to be manually added.
  • Stations no longer have the OnDock script hardcoded. This event now has to be manually added.
  • Values and texts displayed on the Skills panel are no longer wierdly hardcoded for no logical reason.
  • Fighter wings now draw their names from name.txt, referenced by the database. Until now they took the value directly from the database.
  • Light weapons now draw their names from name.txt. referenced by the database. Until now they took the value directly from the database.
  • Heavy weapons now draw their names from name.txt. referenced by the database. Until now they took the value directly from the database.
  • A completely new DialogueEditor is now available in the game root directory which should offer greater ease-of-use and more stability.
  • Defense platform weapon range can now be modded properly.
    • Data\Base\LightWeapons.wdt for actual range of a weapon.
    • Data\Platforms\Template for assigning weapons to weapon battery slots of a platform.
  • Production templates for all types are now susceptible to merging and appending.
  • Asteroids now have OnHP script events.
  • SetRelHP script function now works for asteroids.
  • Updated Scripterion documentation.
  • Updated Notepad++ language markup files.

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