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Changes to the mod's setting and other information

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The current mod has changed settings in location only. Still focused on the Late Roman Empire, specifically the last years of the Western Roman Empire.

Set in the year 467 AD during the reign of Emperors Anthemius and Leo, players can interact and support various historical factions ranging from the various Gothic factions, Germans and the Roman empire, as well as various roman rump states that struggle to stay in power such as the kingdom of Soissons and the Romano-Britons.

Why did I change the setting?

I put way too much time into making 5th century calradia historically based that I felt it was a waste of time not to recreate settings of the late roman empire. For example, many of the lords I have added in are based off of historical leaders from the time, such as Odoacer (who would later become king of italy) and Basiliscus (who lead the failed invasion into Vandal Africa in 468).

Does this mean it will take longer to release?

Yes and no, as all the troops trees, weapons and armor, map locations and scripts are finished. However, I do not have any scenes to use just yet which are extremely important to the setting (no medieval castles in 467 ad!) and I feel it would be incomplete without having them in before release. If you are interested in making scenes, let me know.

Does each faction get a unique troop tree?

No, as I wanted to avoid "copy and paste" styled troop trees. Instead each culture has a unique troop tree, as well as certain focuses which provide a play style for each faction. For example, the Romans have a wide range of troops and good defensive infantry while the Germans are more infantry oriented, with strong offensive infantry. At the same time each of the cultures has a unique style to them to allow them to be differentiated on the battlefield. In the future I may add specific unique units to each faction, but for now it stays this way.

Do you plan on adding more factions?

Yes, I would like to add various hunnic and arabic factions, as well as potentially Axum in Ethiopia and the Slavs. However adding factions does take a while.

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