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Unlimited Power! We are bringing significant changes to the main game mechanics in Mittelborg.

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In keeping with our basic game design, the gameplay of Mittelborg was based on the Serenity-Tempest cycle where during the Tempest players made all the planning and preparations while during the Serenity their decisions were put to the test. However, after gathering our players’ feedback for the last few months, we have found one disadvantage in this system, in other words there was no opportunity to correct players’ initial action plan during the Tempest phase what leaded to a weak control over the city and the lack of the decision making.

We are bringing significant changes to Mittelborg concerning this flaw to increase the players’ control over the city and their perception of the game in general.

Thus the Tempest phase now is not just a continuous carousel of the events in which players have the role of observers. From now on Tempest is divided into separate days. At the end of each day players can take a number of actions and change the balance of power in the city, namely, they can buy more precise prediction of the incoming events, redirect the mages from one building to another to fix the defense or drink a potion which gives a necessary bonus in this very day.

Along these lines, the main game mechanics have undergone a number of changes:

Changes on how the Tempest events work. The text events can now occur on any day of the Tempest and cannot be predicted. Raids and Barrages are still the biggest danger to players but we added few tricks which can decrease their damage significantly and even give a total protection. A new type of event added - Tailwind. It will give an opportunity to acquire additional Aether by sending mages to the Wind Catcher during the day. The Eye of the Storm has an additional function which we will present later in our devlogs.

A new system of predictions should be also mentioned here. Due to the system, the Oracle is now the best counsellor of the Chancellor and vital for survival of Mittelborg. During the Serenity the Oracle performs a ritual to forecast the amount and type of events in the upcoming Tempest, but it cannot forecast the order of this events.The higher level of the Oracle is, the more detailed information players can receive, however to obtain the full prediction they have to pay extra.

Concerning the Chancellor’s loyal helpers, mages Viates, we have also made a correction. Now they are small in number but they give bonuses by several times more! Thus if two mages are sent to the Garrison during a Raid you will receive additional 60% physical resistance which significantly minimizes the received damage.

Before all these changes are implied in the stable version, we are going to carefully test and analyze them. But the current work-in-progress build is already available in beta-branch on Steam.

Do not hesitate to leave your feedback about the game, each comment is read by us, developers, and it is very useful for the development of Mittelborg!

For your feedback our Steam page or join us on Discord and take part in game development!

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