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I'm putting the finishing touches on the mission "Chilled To The Bone", The first mission in the game. Since it doesn't really contain any events that are essential to the storyline, I want to give everyone a rundown of the mission...

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"Chilled To The Bone" Rundown

"Chilled To The Bone"
Pvt. Edward Groves
10/22/12 9:27:21 A.M
1st TCTF Battalion, 27th Division

The mission starts out with the player, Pvt. Edward Groves, rendezvousing with his squad. This is the first time the player meets Sgt. Wiley Stouss, Cpl. Carle Beuat, and PFC David Potinza, the 3 friendlies who are essential to the story. Their mission is to infiltrate UCOT bunkers in the Aspen Mountain Range in Torisakia. After being briefed on their mission, the 4 head out. They come up on the first bunker not too far from the rendezvous point. However, their plans aren't what they expected. As there are way too many UCOT soldiers than there was planned and there are heavy MGs in front. This forces them to move around behind the bunker and breach from there. After the breach, the 4 engage in a shootout. After all the UCOT soldiers at the bunker are cleared, the player grabs the radio inside and moves on. From here, the player can reload if they need too. There is also a hidden easter egg around this area. Surprisingly, the gunfire doesn't attract the other UCOT soldiers at the other bunkers. The squad moves ahead about 30 meters to find the next bunker. Which has more UCOT soldiers than the last one did. They decide to go with the same plan as before. But just before they breach the bunker, an enemy notices them and suddenly calls in a helicopter. The player is instructed to shoot down the helicopter before moving on. There is a hidden glitch at this bunker. If the player jumps onto the barrel beside the crates then strafe jumps onto them, they can get onto the roof where they can go into the top room and find an M40A3 sniper rifle than appears unused. There is also a skeleton in the room. After moving on, the player encounters the 3rd bunker. The same plan is executed as before. This time, without any enemy air support. The player eliminates the UCOT soldiers and can reload and move on. After killing all of the UCOT soldiers, if the player stays at the bunker, they will be able to hear what sounds like a man singing and a church bell. This is believed to be Edward Groves' close friend Andy Jouess, a former church choir member who was killed at a POW camp 2 years before. After facing this scary incident, the squad moves on where they are ambushed by a whole company of UCOT soldiers. The player has to fight them off until air support arrives. Just before air support arrives, a stray grenade injures the player, causing him to start losing health slowly. In the nick of time, air support arrives and takes the squad to safety. The mission ends with the sound of the singing man and the church bells as the screen fades out to black.

I am very excited to get this 1st mission finished and move on to the more exciting ones. I will not be revealing the easter egg near the 1st bunker, it is to be kept a secret until the game is finished. I really would appreciate your feedback! It will help get this game finished faster and get bugs fixed. I also want to point out that if you contribute $50 or more on IndieGoGo, you get access to the closed MULTIPLAYER BETA of raw F.O.X PLUS $50 is considered pre-ordering the game. You and a friend receive a copy of Raw F.O.X when it is released! Thank you for reading! And we'll see you on the next progress update! Adios!

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