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Post news RSS Miscreated is Featured by CryTek on CryDev.net - New Artwork, Images and Info.

The news article gives a very good overview of the game and includes some general information we haven't disclosed before. It also features some new concept artwork and models by the amazing team working on the game.

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Read the article directly on CryDev.net here, Crydev.net, but the following is some of the information and artwork mentioned in the article.

If you want the latest game information and news, please look at our official website at: Miscreatedgame.com and register on the forums as well.

As a side note, we are still looking for several key people to help us with the game. You can find our official recruitment thread on CryDev.net here: Crydev.net We're primarily looking for UI developers, 3D Artists and Animators.

Main Features Currently Implemented:

Random World Encounters - Encounter mutants or bandits at any time.
Weapon Customization - Players can alter their weapons using attachments.
Dynamic Weather System - Constantly changing weather patterns.
RPG Style Inventory System - Store items in your backpack, tents, and vehicles.
Persistent Characters - When a character logs out, he keeps all items on him.
Dynamic Item Spawns - Items can spawn anywhere - cars, cupboards, shelves and ovens, for example.
Food, Water, and Radiation Stats - Players need to keep track of all their vital stats for optimal game play.
Real 24-hour Clock - Day/night cycles are based on a real 24-hour clock.

Some of the Future Planned Features:

Incapacitation System - Players can knock someone out and just rob them, or execute them.
Bounty System - Place a bounty on another players' head.
Underground Areas - Bases, caves, and caverns.
Crafting System - Players can modify and craft items.
Vehicle Customization - Modify vehicles with armor and weapons.
Item Degradation - Keep all items repaired, or they could jam and break.
Base Building - Build bases to protect players.

More Artwork and Images:


hope the item Degradation will at least take some time/depend on how much it's used. a lot of games i'v played which have this feature completely fail at it and have items constantly break or need maintenance.

i know they're old but i'd like to be able to use them instead of constantly having to fix them.

other than that these sound like some great features.

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tevans Author

Chompster, we will make sure it's a logical system that isn't annoying to the player. If, for some reason, it isn't working well we would remove it.

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This single comment makes me love you as a developed. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!

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This looks like a cool and active project

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