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Mining, Woodcutting and Farming - Details about these three new systems. What are they good for and what should you do with these activities besides the quests.

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We are working hard to finish integrating the Mining, Woodcutting and Farming systems. These three new features will make the game a lot more interactive and challenging.

All three activities will be used for quests.

Beside the quest use for each activity, you will also be able to earn money, by working in various places like Mines, Woods and Farms.

For example, Mining will be done within the Cave. You can mine various types of ore, such as Copper, Silver, Gold and more. Each type of ore will have a selling value, but you can also use the ores and smelt them into ingots that are used for crafting.

The Farming activity will give you various produces (vegetables, fruits etc) that you can sell for money, or use for cooking (meals - that restore HP).

Woodcutting is going to be an activity that you will benefit a lot from, since almost all items require wood. So you will have to think twice if you should sell the wood, or keep it for crafting purposes.

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