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We have added mining, collecting herbs and some sweet new content!

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Howdy Kakele folks,

It seems like an eternity since the last update and we are looking forward to share with you the new changes and improvements to the game! To top that, we have reached a peak of more than 200 players online in all the servers summed up!! We are very happy to continue to improve Kakele and grow our community of players. As usual, please join us on our Discord to make suggestions or email us! Here are the upcoming changes:

  • A new initial map, called the 'Tutorial Archipelago'! We are excited about this, because playing Kakele for the first time can be overwhelming given the amount of features and game controls. Kakele is more complex than many games out there, and most of the time players have a lot of questions when first starting. Some give up quickly because they are frustrated by the complexity. We hope with that we can keep more players for longer so that they can see and feel the real Kakele magic experience! All players will be born in this island, including high levels. For one time you will need to (partially) complete the tutorial, and then you have a direct portal to the Kebelessa temple as usual.
  • In the addition to the above, task quests will auto-complete, so you don't need to go back to the NPC again!
  • New content! We are not spoiling this one, but you will be able to find an entire new city, new monsters, new quests, new boss, new items, 2 new dungeons and events!!
  • Server boosts! Players that are level 100+ will be able to purchase a boost to the whole server, using any type of Kakele Coins. This system will also allow us to create a 'double-exp' weekend as suggested by many. We need to find ways to generate more income, to make it possible to take the game to the next level. Other games have a lot of pay to win features, where you always buy individual benefits, and we don't like that idea. Server boosts is one of the ideas used in some big MMOs out there already, and for us it seems the most pleasant from the point of view of not turning the game into pay to win. Boosts are small advantages added for everyone, so no one loses. Whether we like it or not, eventually we will have to create more ways for people to spend coins, and there will always be negativity around that mainly because we need to give a value or advantage to those who are spending. In our opinion, server boosts will be the least controversial way to do this, and will generate a good income to boost the game, even if it causes controversy now. The 1.0 types are: extra experience gain (60% max for both Premium and Free accounts), extra loot and gold (50% extra), boost in food potions recovery (+25%), boost in attack, armor and defense power (+10%), events happening twice as often. When purchasing a boost they will be active for 1 hour at a time, and can cost between 500-1500 coins, so don't expect to have your server boosted for 24 hours :)
  • Rebalancing: always a hot topic. First, high level monsters (such as the Red Dragon) will give more experience now! Second, a big change to Warriors: once and for all, Warriors are tanks. For that reason, we are making this vocation to have 20 HP per level instead of 15 HP (+5 per level). In addition, the armor buff spells were also improved and a new buff with 20% spell resistance was added. Warriors should be a bit resistant to magic, but not too much. On the other side of the spectrum are Berserkers, which should be very resistant to magic. For that reason their magic spell resistance will have a +5% bump each. Berserkers are known for high damages, to the enemy and to themselves. Being the least played vocation (just look at the ranks), we have decided to also add a 50% armor buff (same as the level 1 Warrior buff) and add a final 60% attack buff spell (+5% more than before). For Hunters, known for their dexterity and agility, we have decided to add a special spell: 'Windrun'. They become incredibly fast for 5 seconds, while dodging most attacks and spells. Mages and Alchemists are kept as is, but take it personally, there were a lot of improvements to both vocations in the past couple of updates ;)
  • The iOS app is almost ready to launch! We will launch a final test version (via the Test Flight as usual), and then a week later we will officially launch in the app-store!, including in-app purchases!
  • Improvements to the Market: it now shows how many of each item you have in your bank; it highlights your offers in the list; filtering considers accents now; a history of your created entries in the market!
  • Herbalism! You will be able to plant life and mana herbs in some fertile ground. It grows with time and you then can collect it. These herbs can then be used in the Herbalist NPC to buff your food/potions, costing 1k per item (and it uses 1 herb per stack). You can add as much as you want by the way. The complete grown health herb adds 400 HP and the complete grown mana herb adds 200 MP each time.
  • Mining! There are 5 ore types: Tin, Copper, Silver, Iron and Gold. We have added one mine of each type where you will be able to collect those, using your pickaxe! You have to get permission from the miner NPC, and you have 3 minutes inside the mine before it collapses (and you need to get permission again). These ores will be now required in the blacksmith NPC, in additional to the same gold pieces. This adds more RPG and depth to the blacksmith NPC and we hope you understand that despite being harder to upgrade items, it makes it more interesting and rewarding to do so.
  • You will be able to delete characters in your account! Beware that we don't guarantee that this is reversible, so think twice before doing it!
  • Changes to the Open PvP: a) You will not lose the PvP swords if you are still being attacked, it will refresh in the same way as the battle swords. This way we expect it to be harder to get unjust kills during battles; b) Change to how the death penalty experience is calculated: instead of being tied to the PvP status and with big bumps, it will be a more gradual penalty. The way it works is that you lose 1% per unjust kill (0.5% for Premium). So if you have 5 unjust kills, you will lose 5% of your experience when dying (2.5% for Premium). (Remember the limit of unjust kills is 15, which gets you the 'Doomed' status, which will show as a 'black blood').
  • Some small changes to the Payments limits and how transferable Kakele Coins are calculated. To make it easier, we will show how many will be transferable before you make the purchase. Please check out our website.
  • We are now running some ads on Facebook. For that reason we needed to update the Privacy policy on our website. Please read it again and let us know if you have questions.
  • You will be able to buy outfits with Kakele Coins only, which are the 'fastpass' way of getting an outfit without needing the items. You will still be able to get the outfits the regular way.
  • Lots of client improvements, such as a new game font and NPC dialogs!
  • Bug and map fixes: the glitches event is a no-login zone now. It means that you won't be able to login in there (you are take to the temple). You are able to swap with summons now, which was causing too much abuse trouble and summons being used as a trap mechanism wasn't their purpose. When entering the final void, you can walk to the left to be taken out to the last square to exit the dungeon.
  • Due to abuse, the email change will now cost 1500 coins.

As a reminder, we will be calculating the Partner tiers before the update, and we will be distributing the Kakele Coins and updating your role on Discord accordingly. We thank you for your awesome videos and content!

And here is we having fun in the new mines:

Best regards,The ViVa team

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