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A short summary of the past 2 Development updates. Our next few updates will get dedicated posts, due to the volume of content, and announcements they contain. We've moved into the polishing phase, which means improving the overall look of the game.

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Update140 IndieDBMiniSummary Thu

We've continued to post regular updates for our followers on various social media platforms, and of course on our forums. Provided here is a short summary of updates 138 and 139. Links to full articles provided. To keep up to date, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or check out our community forums. Major milestones will get their own focused articles, especially as we get closer to our Early Access launch on steam, and future full release.

A reminder that we now have a Steam page! Head on over and join in the disucussion, wishlist our project, and stay up to date on our development as we head into Early Access!

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Update 138 : Originally posted May 17th
We have ~4 months until the Early access is launched, so from now on, we’d like to ask everybody who references us on websites, content creators, youtube / twitch streamers etc… to add a link to the Steam store page along with a small typical “Wishlist Infinity: Battlescape on Steam” message if you can. If you already have a direct link to our website, you can keep both of course. On a side note, since we now have a Steam store page we decided to stop our IndieGoGo on-going campaign so it shouldn’t be referenced anymore either. Thank you for your support !..... Read the Rest of Weekly Update 138 here on our forums


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Update 139 : Originally posted March 15th
Hey everybody, time for another update. Before I jump in to development news, I’m happy to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Markus Zierhofer to produce Infinity: Battlescape’s soundtrack. Markus is incredibly talented and the quality of his work so far gives us full confidence that he’ll be able to nail down the musical style for Battlescape. You can listen to some of his work on his website: Audiocreatures.com

In other development news, Kristian has finished texturing the bomber. The bomber textures that were available in the backer’s beta patch were still a work in progress, so now Kristian has been able to finalize them - especially everything related to rusty edges, roughness and small scale details. Here’s a screenshot of the updated bomber:

Read the Rest of Weekly Update 139 here on our forums


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