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Post news RSS Mini Update #10 - Ravager and Build Status!

We've been burning the midnight oil trying to add and polish content for Alpha 2 and we thought it was time for another mini-update showing off what we've got cooking!

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New Concept Art!

We've got some new concepts from Tyler focused around the Story Component of Siege of Inaolia, we've discussed early on that we want to start putting resources into the Story Component of the game and we are indeed doing that, pretty soon we should have some modular assets for you guys to feast on but for now you're just going to have to settle with the concepts.

Concept Art - Slums District #2

Concept Art - Slums District #1

Ravager Update?

Yes! Recently while reviewing our current quality of work we felt that the ravager(and Duncan in time) was due for a visual upgrade to better put it up to par with our Glutton Daemon Visually.
We also intend to do some tune-ups on Inferno after Alpha 2 but more on that later, for now enjoy some early shots of the updated Ravager.

Renders/Screenshots - Ravager Update #1

Renders/Screenshots - Ravager Update #2

Build Status?

Yes! Alpha 2 is almost upon us and we're particularly excited about this particular release because we intend to put it up on Desura, GamersGate, Steam and as many sites that are willing to accept our current WIP status.

We're trying to ensure that we do not have the bugs of the first release while at the same time adding some new features that we're particularly excited about such as:

  • The Glutton Daemon.
  • A Sprint Mechanic.
  • An Updated Menu.
  • Better Level Collision.
  • A Leveling Up and Experience System.

Now while these don't sound like much they really affect the subsequent Alpha after 2 as we really hope to start implementing some of our RPG Elements very soon and now that we've have the foundation for our Abilities via the experience and leveling up system(and some initial work on some of the passive abilities) we hope to press on and start pushing out some active abilities(Leap anyone?).

We've also got a little donate button up on our Website and to give you a little incentive should you choose to help us fund development we'll include your name in our special 'Donors' segment within our In-game credits(Be sure to send us your name via our contact form on our website after donating so we can actually add you onto that list!).

Want More?

Do Track us on IndieDB for the latest updates, you can also Subscribe to us on YouTube, Like us on Facebook, be sure to check out our Official Website and Follow us on Twitter.

It makes a huge difference to us knowing that we've got fans out there rooting for us so be sure to tell your friends about us, don't be afraid to leave a comment below just for the heck of it, thanks for your time!


It all looks great! But for the new Alpha-

Have you guys thought about optimization? Because from memory the last one had the odd frame rate drop.

Will there be compatibility between the leveling in this version to the next one?(Just i thought this one is hardly important)

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Helmlock Author

We have thought about optimization and we've decided to push in a version completely dedicated to that.

Well no because survival arena leveling doesn't carry forth if you die(Will explain more about this in detail.)

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