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You haven't chosen your favorite miners race yet? This post will help you!

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The time has come to tell all of you something about races that will be available in the game. From game description you may learn that you can choose one of four races to lead to the victory in the contest. Those of you who watched trailer and viewed screenshots carefully might already noticed what are their names and how they are look like. Below you will find their short description together with avatars.

Everyone should be able to pick race that will be the most suitable for him.

MinersRace: Bears
Bears are masters of mining techniques. They mine very fast, so have more chances to find some precious gems in the same time than other races. Unfortunately they have to come back to the surface very often, because of their very poor carrying capabilities. This also prevents them from using additional mining tools, which are quite heavy.

MinersRace: Crocs
Crocs have average mining skills and they can carry up to 5 gems. Their main power is regeneration speed. When they are tired or exhausted after long fight, crocs can restore full health very fast. So, they back to the mine in no time. Thanks to this you will also save some money on first aid kits.

MinersRace: Foxes
Foxes are very universal miners. Thanks to this, they don't have weak points, but on the other hand because of that they haven't mastered any mining skill. Choose them, if you cannot decide make your mind on any other race.

MinersRace: Rhinos
Rhinos are a very strong race. They can carry lots of stuff, and are unmatched in hand to hand combat. Unfortunately their mining skills are very low, but... who will tell them that? Luckily for them they can use various mining tools without much carrying penalty.

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